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In 1794, Port Dover was settled by United Empire Loyalists on the north shore of Lake Erie. First known for its gristmill, the sleepy little town soon grew in population as its economy diversified – it once boasted the largest freshwater fishing fleet in the world.

Today, Port Dover is still a thriving municipality of 6,500 residents with local attractions that include: The Lighthouse Festival Theatre; Port Dover Harbour Museum; Port Dover Harbour Marina; numerous wineries; farmers markets and more.Increasingly, people are discovering Port Dover as a wonderful place to retire due to its rich history and active community.

View of Port Dover from the lift Bridge looking up the Lynn River.

In addition to commercial fishing, nearby Long Point Bay is a sport fisherman’s paradise with its wide variety of fish species, most notable bass, perch, pike, salmon and pickerel.

The next Friday the 13th is August 2021 – don’t miss it!

For more than a century, the north shore of Lake Erie has held both fascination and magnetism that has attracted cottagers and tourists alike. On warm summer days in Port Dover, you’ll find the swimmers, sun-worshippers and people-watchers, all who flock to the beach for recreation and relaxation and to enjoy the tasty culinary offerings of the nearby restaurants and food booths. Port Dover is famous for its local dish – fresh caught Lake Erie yellow perch and fries, served by many food establishments.

Throughout the year the town hosts a number of events, starting New Years Day with a Polar Bear Swim at the beach; a perch derby in April; July 1st Celebration; Summer Festival in August; weekly concerts in Powell Park in the summer; Santa Claus arriving by fish tug; and whenever a month has a Friday the 13th, the town becomes the destination for motorcyclists, with the PD13 celebrations being front and center.

Come discover Port Dover, try some of the local fare and see all that this convivial community has to offer.


Motorcyclist waiting to enter Port Dover for the Friday 13th celebrations .
Tell Me More About Friday 13th. in Port Dover!

Every Friday the 13th, Port Dover becomes the destination for motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts.

It all started on Friday, November 13, 1981, when Chris Simons spread the word to 25 of his biker friends to meet for a few beers at The Commercial Hotel (today’s Angelos) in Port Dover.

The group decided to do it every Friday the 13th, inviting other friends to join them, and from that night on the event took root and grew.

PD13 is now the largest one-day motorcycle rally in North America, attracting over 10,000 motorcyclists and more than one-hundred thousand (100,000) people, all who come for the custom motorcycles, creative costumes, music events, local restaurants and street food, the friendly atmosphere, and simply because it’s the most important destination of the day.

Learn more about Friday 13th in Port Dover!

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Events and Holidays

New Years Day Polar Bear Plunge
Friday the 13th
Norfolk Studio Tour
Annual Perch Derby
Norfolk County Fair
Lake Erie Interclub Sailboat Race
Port Dover Merchants Sidewalk Sales
Sunday Night Concerts in Powell Park

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